Application round for CBS Startup 2018 is now open.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win grants between 25000 to 75000 DKK to grow your startup!

To be considered for a place and receive the grants you must have reached the proof of concept stage and be a CBS Startup.

How to Apply:

  1. Submit a BMC with information about:
    – Your connection to CBS
    – Revenue stream
    – Your Surplus
    – Year of establishment
    – Your team
    – Orders / Potential partnerships
  2.  Submit a 3 minute video where you answer the following:
    – What’s your idea/ which problem do you wish to solve?
    – Where’s the business – how will you make money?
    – What are the main challenges to make this a succes?
    – What will you use the grant for and what impact will it have on your company?

Send your application before the 31/7 to:


  • July 31st
    Deadline for submissions of the applications.
  • August 15th
    After the submission deadline, CSE will begin a screening process of all the applications. This is done to ensure that the companies who are eligible to receive the funding have proven their sincerity, maturity, and market potential.
  • August 23rd
    In the next phase, startups who are able to fulfill these criteria will then have to pitch their startup idea to the board of CBS Startup. The board will then make a selection of the companies, based on who are best able to fulfill the requirements, as well as who can make the best use of this funding. The chosen startups will then be published on the CBS Startup website and move on to the next phase.
  • September 1st
    After the final startups have been selected by the board, the promotion stage will begin. Each startup will be provided with the necessary tools to help promote their startup idea to the public. A platform will be provided to allow for anyone to support their favorite startup through public voting and decide who the winners should be. The voting will be open up until the day before the Entreprenurial Day event.
  • September 27th
    The winners will be announced at a dedicated ceremony at the Entrepreneurial Day event at CBS.

Why you should apply

For the 2018 CBS Startup round, CBS startups will have the opportunity to send an online application, with the intention of qualifying through several stages to finally be a contender to receive funding ranging from 25.000-75.000 kr. In addition to the funding is the CBS Startup “Seal of approval”. Together, the funding and quality stamp can benefit your startup in many ways. Here are a few examples of how it can assist in the growth of your startup:

  • It can help to achieve a maturity stage
  • It will serve as an attraction for private and public venture funding
  • It can be helpful in terms of retention of employees and acquiring further resources
  • It can serve as the initial funding necessary for your startup to reach the next stage

About CBS Startup 2018

CBS Startup was created with the objective to create and strengthen entrepreneurship and innovation. We want to ensure that great innovative ideas have the best possible conditions to evolve into startups, and potentially grow into big companies.

To do this, CBS Startup wants to secure the survivability of student startups by providing the necessary funding in their early stages. This funding can help them overcome the common obstacles which most startups face, such as hiring of employees, reaching the Proof of Concept-phase, or attracting venture capital funding.