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Otto Mønsted Fond

This spring, CBS START-UP wish to hand out 50.000 kr. to a start-up business with a CBS and DTU founder, on behalf of the Otto Mønsted Fond. To be considered for this grant, the start-up has to be past the Proof of Idea-phase. Furthermore, the start-up will be required to have proven its ambition as well as motivation to develop their idea into a sustainable business.


To be considered for the grant, your start-up has to be past the Proof of Idea-phase. Additionally, your start-up has to consist of a CBS and DTU founder. Your application should consists of two components. The first component is a Business Model Canvas (BMC) with information about:

    - Revenue stream

    - Your surplus

    - Year of establishment

    - Your team (connection to CBS/DTU)

    - Orders / Potential partners

The second component of your application should be a 3 minute video, where you answer the following:

    - What's your idea/ which problem do you wish to solve?

    - Where's the business - how will you make money?

    - What are the main challenges to make this a succes?

    -What will you use the grant for and what impact will it have on your company?


    - Application must be a PDF file (A4 format)

    - It should not exceed 2 pages

    - The video must be uploaded to either Youtube or Vimeo

    - Make sure to include the link to your video in the application

    - Consider who the audience will be

How to apply

Send your application to:

Make sure that the application adheres to the requirements above.


Application deadline:


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