The 2019 CBS Startup Winners


A social media that connects like-minded gamers. The gaming community has 2.3 billion members and they don’t have one platform that connects them. Each of these gamers prefer to play with others, however, it’s not easy nor very feasible to look for someone to game with. Currently they use medias such as FaceBook groups, Subreddits, discord servers, forums etc. but these platforms were not designated to provide them with that solution. This is why we created GamingBuddy. In order to help a community with over 2.3 billion members who yet lack a platform that connects them, we have developed a platform that facilitates connecting with other like-minded gamers.

Meal Ticket

As a high school student, convenient and high-quality lunch solutions are scarce to non-existent. As a high school student, alternatives to the traditional canteen are rare – typically, there is too little time to fetch lunch elsewhere, while a lunch box from home is time consuming and boring. MealTicket presents a solution to this pain. MealTicket is an online food order and delivery service for high school students. Through our online portal,, high school students are able to order lunch from a broad selection of local food shops up to an hour before lunch break and have their meal delivered to the school’s front door, precisely for the start of lunch break, every day. Thereby, we provide freshly made, high quality lunch – but more importantly, we offer a stress-free and longer lunch break, by eliminating the time it normally would take to fetch lunch from i.e. the canteen or preparing lunch from home. We partner with the best local cafés/restaurants, and communicate the total amount of lunch orders to them every day shortly after the ordering deadline. Thereafter, our bike-couriers fetch the ordered meals at a precise time and deliver all individual meals simultaneously to the high school(s) by use of our electric cargo-bikes. Our MealTicket Ambassadors (a chosen student from each school) help with promotion and information relaying at their respective school, while also helping with operations. We offer each MealTicket Ambassador the opportunity of managing a start-up on his/her own school, trying out the role of an entrepreneur. Today, we are operational at 6 different high schools, delivering around 150 lunches every day, and we strive to be entirely sustainable and reduce food waste compared to traditional catering & canteens, by only producing what is ordered.


We have a unique offering both for B2C and B2B. For individual customers (B2C) we enable them to measure their carbon footprint and offset it through a monthly subscription – thus becoming carbon neutral. This is a super-easy way to take real action on climate change. Through their monthly subscription, they support climate projects in developing nations, that remove as much or more carbon every month, as they emit. You measure this on our website through a simple test, answering questions on diet, transport, clothes consumption, etc. This also means that if you have a carbon- intensive lifestyle, your subscription will be more expensive and vice versa. This sets us apart by having a subscription that’s directly tied to your impact, instead of just donating an arbitrary amount like 100 DKK. a month. Usually, carbon credits are reserved for those who need them in great quantities, big firms, etc. A usual order would be for 1000+ tonnes of carbon at a time. This makes it virtually impossible to support climate projects as an individual or SMV without paying a great premium. At the same time, the offsetting world is a jungle to navigate and you need expert insider knowledge to discern which projects actually do what they promise. At RenSti we carefully pick out the very best projects, buy them in bulk on behalf of our customers and then split them up into sizes that are a manageable size for an individual or SMV. At the same time, we break down their consumption into categories, highlighting where their ‘Carbon hotspots’ are and thus enabling them to make changes where it is most effective. Through gamification, inspiration and community building we encourage them to both cut down on their carbon footprint and take part in pushing for structural change through political pressure. In this way, we collect the most effective ways to battle global warming in one visually pleasing and not-boring platform, which enables the users to take real action on an otherwise overwhelming issue. For B2B we have a strong focus on SMV’s. These are the kind of companies that are small enough not to be legally obliged to do emissions reports and are not big enough to have a dedicated environmental department or even just a CSR person. Yet these companies often have a strong desire to understand their carbon footprint and reduce it. This can be for a wide array of reasons, usually a combination of environmental interest on a personal level as well as for marketing/image reasons. Right now you have two options as a company: Spend 100.000+ DKK and several months on getting a “Life Cycle Analysis” of your company and only then be able to act on anything, or do nothing. This is where RenSti enters the picture. We enable SMV’s to have a calculation done much quicker and at a much more affordable rate. It might not be precise down to the last decimal, which we are open about, but it is enough to spot general trends and start taking action where it is the most effective. At the same time, we also offer to help them offset whatever emission they might have, while they work on reducing their footprint and of course assist them in telling the story and branding themselves at the same time.

Uni Bazaar

Every student knows how expensive textbooks are. These books do not only have a high economic cost for the student, but also have a high environmental cost. Studies show that it takes approx. 34 kg of CO2 to produce just 1 kg of textbook.

At Uni Bazaar we believe in recycling – hence, we want to create a new ecosystem of second-hand textbooks at Danish universities.
We have developed a platform on which students are buying and selling their second-hand textbooks without the hassle of dealing directly with other students.

The business model is simple: For every book sold, 70% is handed to the seller and we keep the remaining 30% in commission.

Cases from all the 2018 CBS Grant finalists, as well as the four winners.


Mimer is a business writing job applications and resumés for people, and quality content for businesses, using a network of pre-approved and specialized writers. We use a network of pre-approved and specialized writers that are using the technique we’ve developed to reach a success rate of 88% with our applications.

We will use the grant money to help even more people. We believe that the job application shouldn’t be an obstacle for people who are talented, but not necessarily talented at writing. More specifically this means that we will spend our money building a stronger brand, hiring more quality writers and further developing our platform.

Blue Lobster

We’re Blue Lobster, and we are creating an app that will allow consumers to buy fish directly from fishermen as soon as they arrive at the dock.

We have spent the past half year speaking to fishermen, potential customers and industry experts to make sure that we are tailoring the app to their actual real-life needs. Based on this, we’ve designed a prototype.

We applied for the CBS STARTUP Grant in order to begin the back-end development and get this technology into the hands of real users. We want all the fish-lovers in Denmark to be able to go down to the closest harbor and buy fresh fish.


Haircuts. Almost everyone needs them. But if you work at an office, you can’t always get them. And when you can, it’s often inconvenient, stressful and three weeks overdue. The solution? Get your haircut at the office.

We want to use the grant to give our bootstrapped design a professional and reliable look that we have found customers are looking for, because getting a haircut is about trust. Moreover, we want to optimize the experience and the user experience that we as of now bootstrapped as well. We need this for the customer to be confident in telling other people at the office about the concept or dare telling the HR-manager about hairpal in the first place.

Let Leg

Let Leg offers a range of products, which can vastly minimize the teachers’ preparation time for initiating new and exciting physical activities in their daily lessons.

We have two different products with two individual purposes. The first product is a collection of physical activities, which is developed with the purpose to improve the pupils’ softer skills, such as their motor skills, senses, and ability to communicate and cooperate. The second product is also a collection of physical activities, but these have been developed with the purpose to support a particular subject’s specific learning targets and to improve the pupils’ harder skills within a given subject, such as learning English grammar or solving mathematical calculations while engaging in a physical activity. At the moment we cover the subjects Danish, English, German, Math and Nature and Technology – the ambition is to cover all subjects.


Pensure solves everything hard about planning for retirement by providing a free to use data-driven online advisory tool. We re-think the entire process about financial planning, so unnecessities are removed and complex information is reduced to easy-to-understand advices you can act on.


We are Rasmus and Andreas, and we are behind ØNSK. Our mission is really simple. We are working towards making more of the money in the coffee industry go directly into the farmers’ own pockets.


21RISK prevents fires in factories using their automated risk robot called “Robin”.

Six cases from CSE


CanopyLAB is an educational technology company, which specializes in developing learning software and online communities for corporate training. We also run our own eLearning platform called the LAB.Read more at

Work Balance Institute

An innovative solution to create and maintain stress free workplaces. Being the first app on the market Woba is aiming at stress prevention by creating balance on an organsational and strategic level.

CHABS is a freelance platform for the hospitality industry. Temporary recruitment used to be a time demanding, expensive and inconvenient task. With Chabs companies can describe a job in 36 seconds, choose the wage and reach thousands of freelancers. Companies always know who they hire due to comprehensive profiles, and Chabs takes care of the administration (automatically).

Green Tech Challenge

Green Tech Challenge makes green business good business. For a greener and richer planet, we connect green startups with key partners and smart money.


YoooWe is a new online community where surfers, skiers, boarders and local businesses can rent or rent out gear, making it easy and fun to find unique local experiences and quality gear all around the world. At the same time it is the place where you can find or share the awesome events happening worldwide, be it the X-games in Aspen or the local SUP meetup. The choices are there, the hard part will be deciding where to go next.

Main & Partners

We are a Copenhagen-based creative studio specialized in ultra-realistic 3D visualizations. Together with our hand-picked artists from across the world, we create visual assets that elevate products, strengthen brands and excite audiences.